A Familiar Video

Another family’s experience adopting a boy from Colombia

By Clarissa Murray

Icried tonight.

We’re nearly finished with the first step toward adopting “Alejandro.” The support of family, friends, and others has been so encouraging. Over the past week we’ve completed psychological evaluations, signed yet another form stating that we aren’t criminals, and scheduled the last visit with our social worker who will come to inspect our home this Thursday.

And tonight, during a rare, unoccupied moment, I stumbled onto a video by T&T Creative Media that Alan’s aunt, Marybeth Matz, shared on Facebook. As you’ll see, it’s about a family, like ours, that hosted a boy from Colombia for a month in the summer of 2018. They fell in love with him and decided to pursue adoption.

Video by T&T Creative Media

Like us, they said goodbye at the airport and sent him back to his country. Like us, they weren’t allowed to tell him that they planned to adopt him. They, just like us, have spent months qualifying to make him a part of their family. They’ve already received U.S. approval and have been able to call their child with the good news. They hope to have their child home by Christmas.

I cried because this video reminded me of my own experience last summer as we sat in the Philadelphia International Airport waiting to say goodbye, not knowing for sure if we would ever see him again. I cried because I’m happy for this family and I wish we were that far along in the process.

On August 13, 2018 we said goodbye, not knowing if we would ever see “Alejandro” again. To protect him, we weren’t allowed to tell him that we were hoping to adopt him, so he still doesn’t know. As we get further along in the process, we will one day have opportunity to tell him. (Photo courtesy Diana Bramble/Madison Adoption Associates)

Soon we’ll begin the USCIS I-800A form that’s used to apply to the United States government for an international adoption, and it requires yet another set of fingerprints. While we wait, we’ll pay to have all of our documents professionally translated for delivery to Colombia. If things go well, we’re hoping “Alejandro” will be home in January.

We’re grateful for those who have offered support as we work through this long and difficult process. Please consider sharing the costs of Alejandro’s adoption as we work to bring him home.