I Am Your Father

Your help is “Alejandro’s” new hope

By Alan M. Murray

Since it’s Halloween, it seems fitting to post this photo of “Alejandro” wearing the Darth Vader mask he found in our basement, covered with dust, leftover from a failed practical joke from last year.

While we’re pretty sure he won’t turn to the dark side of the Force and put our home under imperial rule, it was nice to see that he was comfortable enough to pick up the mask and do what most other children would’ve done – act like the Dark Lord of the Sith, grabbing a nearby mail tube and waving it around like a lightsaber.

It was nice to see that “Alejandro” is a Star Wars fan since Alan and his childhood friend, Freddie, are renowned experts on the subject. (Photo by Alan M. Murray)

And when he discovered our collection of Star Wars: The Clone Wars cartoon series, we could hardly pull him away from the television long enough to eat, since he wanted to watch every 20-minute episode (he only made it to number 41 out of 121) before returning to Colombia.

I know why he wanted to watch them all. He believed that if he didn’t, he would never see how they ended because as far as he knew he wouldn’t have a chance to ever watch them again. How I wanted to tell him that we weren’t going to let that happen, that we were already trying to find a way to adopt him and bring him home.

Working through the international adoption process is almost like another job. We’ve spent much of our free time completing applications, answering rigorous questions about our personal histories, traveling to complete background checks, and preparing our home for a child.

Each week we get closer and closer to reaching our fundraising goals. There’s still much to do, and we look forward to the day when we’ll be authorized to travel to Colombia to finalize making “Alejandro” a member of our family. Please consider sharing the costs of an expensive international adoption as we work to bring him home.