Guess What?

Hear the latest from our Skype with “Alejandro”

By Alan M. Murray

Every other week for the past several months, we’ve been Skyping with “Alejandro.”

Each time he asked, “When are you coming?”

And each time we said, “We’re still waiting for more approvals.”

But not this time.

Today as his image appeared on my laptop monitor, and before he had time to ask the usual question, we told him the exact day when we’ll be reunited in Colombia – this time to bring him home for good.

He paused for a moment, and then said, “You’re coming here?”

“Yes,” Clarissa said.

He smiled, his eyes wide open, and said, “How wonderful! Finally I’m going to see you!”

We then talked about how things were going with his studies. We talked about different animals he remembered seeing when he stayed with us last summer. We talked about some of the things he would like to do once he arrives home. We talked about learning English. We talked about a lot of things we had so many times before, but this time we knew that this would be the last time we would ever have to wait for another programmed, supervised, scheduled call to speak with him.

We then introduced him to some of his new family who made a special trip to be with us for the call – two of his grandparents, an aunt, and some cousins.

It’s been a long road to today, one filled with paperwork, innumerable government regulations, delays, waiting, frustration, disappointment – and one filled with hope.

We’re grateful for each of you accompanying us on this journey to help him home.