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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you need to raise?2018-11-13T04:57:56+00:00

We’ve been told that we may  need up to $36,000. We’ve already reached our first major milestone by raising $5000 for the Britany’s Hope Foundation which now qualifies us for a $10,000 grant that will be awarded once we’ve officially scheduled travel to Colombia to finalize the adoption. We’re now continuing our fundraiser through Facebook. We regularly assess our finances to determine how much we can contribute and will adjust the fundraising goal as we go so that your donations are only used for the expenses that we were unable to fund ourselves.

Do you have permission to post photos of “Alejandro?”2018-12-19T16:09:50+00:00

Yes. When we were invited to participate in the Colombia Hosting Program, we were told that we could share photos of “Alejandro” to advocate for him so he could be adopted – by us or by other prospective parents. We aren’t permitted to use his real name or share specific biographical details, but we can talk about our experience with him and how we’re trying to adopt him. Before we decided to move forward, our plan was to donate the photos and write about our experience so adoptive parents could benefit from our perspective and hopefully choose to help him.

What’s your timeline for fundraising?2018-09-27T01:06:53+00:00

We hope to travel to Colombia to finalize the adoption in January or February of 2019.  The timing depends on  how quickly we can finish all the background checks and approvals.

The costs are paid at different points during the process.  The next large fee will be due when our dossier is sent to Colombia for official approval, which hopefully will happen in December.

How are you accepting donations?2018-11-05T17:25:33+00:00

You can click on the donation button and contribute online using our Facebook fundraiser. If you prefer to donate in another way, message us through the Contact form. Contributions are used to pay a number of professionals, including lawyers, translators, and social workers. Colombia also requires that we travel to and stay in country for at least three weeks to finalize the adoption. Facebook uses Stripe to facilitate secure credit card transactions and deducts 2.9% plus $0.30 from each donation to cover these costs. 

Why did you choose Colombia?2018-10-02T04:22:22+00:00

We didn’t actually choose Colombia. We were unexpectedly offered a chance to participate in a hosting program bringing children from Colombia to the US for a three-week vacation. We had no plans to adopt internationally (we were working with Pennsylvania Statewide Adoption Network), but we both speak Spanish fluently and we have a number of friends from Colombia, so the program seemed like a good match. After meeting Alejandro and spending 3 weeks with him, we knew he needed to be part of our family.

Why are you doing this if you can’t afford it? Why don’t you save the money yourself?2018-10-02T04:22:30+00:00

In the past, whenever we have wanted something we couldn’t afford, we have either gone without or saved until we could afford it. But every minute we spend saving and waiting, Alejandro languishes in an orphanage without the love and support of a family.

An international adoption was not our plan until we met Alejandro. We were working on a much less expensive adoption of a local child through the Pennsylvania Statewide Adoption Network.

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